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Hi, Koyan. Pixe perfect don't work.

I try to contact with discord, but have error.

Try to contact me plz: tooolsto#3765

Ow, so sorry, i didnt see your comment. I changed my DC name and forgot the update the page sorry, i send you an invitation on dc right now. 

How to use the zoom correctly? For example, " global. zoom_amount( 0.5) " abruptly moves the camera to the side and then where it needs to be.

In the discord, he writes that you can not be added to friends

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Try to contact my discord again i changed my settings.


One of the best free assets for Gamemaker Studio 2. If you struggle with cameras or you are a beginner use this it cuts a lot of time and you can focus on game mechanics. The support is excellent every stupid question I asked was answered and explained. I can only recommend this asset and I will definitely use this in my game.  Thank you for this great asset.


Hi, do you have maybe a discord where i can contact you i have a couple of questions about the camera. Thank you in advance

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Yes i have.



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Yes, i know 😉

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Amazing work, just a quick question, how can I make the zoom a specific value? Or maybe instead of multiplying can I choose my dimensions for the camera?

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Thank you

With the new system's you can now do these seperate custom view's with using k_ZOOM_MULTPLY_def value !

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Actually now that i've think about it, you can do that. BUT, it is not supported correctly in the camera setting's so there can be a visual error but, the camera value is;

_v_W_Edit = 480;
_v_H_Edit = 270;

So if you change these value's outside of the camera it might work BUT if you change the room or trigger any camera alarm's, it will fix himself tto the default value's you pick before compiling.

I hope that helps.

how to active camera shake thanks.

just write this line where ever you want "global._screen_shake(30, 15);" number's can change.


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very helpful thanks.

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Np and thank you for using my camera. If you need any help with the camera just comment or add me on discord (Lord#4300)

and i will try to fix your problem.

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Harika işler, tebriklerr 👌🏼

Teşekkür ederim, yardımım dokunabildiyse ne mutlu bana 😉

Eğer bir bug bulursanız yada bir sıkıntınız olursa, bana ulaşmaktan çekinmeyin.

I had a look at this, but after configuring the Variable Definitions, placing the Camera Object in a room with another object to track, although the game app ran without error the camera didn't move even when trying different settings.

Perhaps I've missed a step?

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I didnt specify it enough, sorry. If you choose FOLLOW_TARGET cam mode or any Target only mode, you gotta pick a target too in the variable definition's (k_TARGET_ref) option. Not all cam modes need a target tho.

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I just posted a detailed How To Use DEVLOG, you can check it here.

Hey!  Awesome! just a question, how to use the screen shake?

like a script you just type global._screen_shake(magnitude, length); like this 

Thank you for your replay, but i could not make it work :/

just write global._screen_shake(15, 30); the number's can change.